Why ChatBot

Powerful Customer Acquisition and Retention are vital to your success. With messaging as the preferred method of communication in our personal lives, businesses need to catch up in order to stay connected to consumers. Give it a Bot makes it easy for your company to answer questions and make sales in the messaging channel your consumers are using every day. Facebook Messenger is used by over a billion subscribers. Tap into the power of automation and quickly increase your ROI. Reach more subscribers more often and enhance your brands visibility.

The advanced management functionality your business needs to provide customized 24/7 expert sales and service. While the concept of ChatBots may seem overwhelming, there are many benefits to incorporating them into your marketing and customer experience strategy. ChatBots are able to perform tasks, solve problems and manage information, all without human intervention.

Benefits of a Chatbot?

  • Give it a Bot provides expert 24/7 sales and customer service, data collection, sets appointments and sends out reminders.
  • Give it a Bot allows businesses to operate 24/7 and this is vital: consumers expect a business to always be open.
  • Give it a Bot save businesses money: reducing customer support costs by up to 30%.
  • Give it a Bot is effective at keeping customers engaged after their purchase, adding personality to a company’s brand, and creating a more personalized experience for your customers.

Harness the power of the AI management console and turn contact center agents into ChatBot managers, enabling them to cover more than 10x the ground of a single human agent.

Businesses like Pizza Hut, Sephora, Starbucks and many others use ChatBots to streamline their customer service, reinforce brand awareness, increase sales and personalize the customer experience.

As customer expectations continue to rise, the successful use of ChatBots will be a key factor in keeping your brand trending upward. Give it a Bot is here to help you prepare for the revolution by helping you boost your brand’s marketing power in a customized way.

Automation increases ROI

Chatbot: Not a Buzzword.

Link Give it a Bot to your CRM tool to show your data alongside the customer journey map. Allowing you to see a visual representation of your customer experience and highlight any pain points for you to improve.

Finally, a tool that brings together the power of conversational marketing and the insight of customer journey maps to bring you the ultimate in customer experience platforms.

Is your brand using Give it a Bot to create satisfied clients?

24/7 Brand Availability

Effectively incorporate Give it a Bot into your expert marketing strategy and see results fast.

Marketing is measurable, and what’s measured gets managed, improved, and celebrated as a key means for achieving your business goals.

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