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Your virtual assistant for digital marketing. Whether you need photos for social media content, email content or blog posts. Our process is designed to empower the brand and outfit the business with compelling marketing content. Strategies are only as powerful as the images and words used. Paving the road to your brand’s success through well-crafted content. We handle the small tasks so you have more time for the big ones.

Social Media Content

Let us help you stand out, to create positive and productive feedback from social media users. We spend hours curating our social media content packages. Simply browse our gallery and your professional content can be customized and live within 72 hours.

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Email content

We use carefully crafted words and images to create engaging emails for all your business needs.

Blog Content

Informative, funny and inspirational content gets shared and liked, which makes a world of difference in your marketing campaign.


Your time is better spent handling the important tasks. We do the research for you. Any topic can be found online and we work to find it for you.

Marketing happens all day, every day. Are you ready? It is a strategic game that has winners and losers. If you approach it without great content, you could be wasting your time and money. Content unique to your business which helps boost your marketing campaigns success.

Digital art is the life blood of online marketing. We feel it coursing through our veins.

Kesondra Works

Curating content is our passion. We will assist you to achieve a compelling content journey that turns browsers into clients.

Kesondra Works

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