Automated Customer Acquisition and Retention.

Clone your brand. Clone your personality. ChatBots are not new, they are Improved! Creating content and giving automation personality takes a human touch. We work with you to write a script that best represents you and your brand. Delivering measurable results across 3 key areas to save time and increase your ROI: Customer Service, Client Acquisition and Retention, Sales.

Depending on your industry, ChatBots can automate up to 70% of conversations at a tenth of the cost of an agent. On going, automated contact with subscribers in a variety of ways to quickly build your brand’s identity. Give it a Bot will happily collect your client’s valuable marketing data. The next level in Automation. Work Smarter! Not Harder! Look cute doing it!

All of our affordable packages include everything you need to take your customer satisfaction to the expert level. On going and managed contact with subscribers in a variety of ways to keep your brand visible. Give it a Bot designers can create content for your Bot and social media posts.

ChatBots have already changed the way many marketers think about reaching and engaging customers. By 2021, it is expected that 50% of enterprise companies will spend more on ChatBot creation than they will on traditional mobile app development. Customers are also eager to adopt ChatBots; 40% of millennials say that they chat with ChatBots on a daily basis.

Customer Service

Customer service and sales expert’s write the script and customize using your faq, images, links, videos and special offers. We help companies define a clear brand identity of what customer service means to them. Customized sales and service available 24/7 to your clients old and new.


Experts in ChatBot design we craft cutting-edge, online, experiences that increase your ROI in measurable ways. All the while, freeing up staff for more important tasks. Promote, sell and set sales appointments with Give it a Bot, and see results!

Automated Tasks

Manages and collects valuable information. takes surveys, gives quizzes and tells jokes while increasing your subscribers. Can text or email out reminders for the appointments that can be quickly and easily set by Give it a Bot.

We were ready for a full re-branding of our online customer service. We couldn’t be happier with the custom details in our Give it a Bot and our clients enjoy it, too.

Angela Blake, LexeCorp

Give it a Bot takes care of our sales with amazing results. With our impressive customer service we are seeing a fantastic ROI. Expert 24/7 service is our motto.

Marie Walton, Walton Enterprises

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Give it a Bot works 24/7 to take care of your sales and customer service needs.